System Design and Installation

Network / Computer Guidance

System Specification

Our staff can specify a solution to fit your computer needs. From a single laptop, to a complete multi-server, multi-workstation office setup, New River Computing can meet all your IT needs.

We provide turnkey solutions to your office IT needs from 1 to 100 seats.

Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. We'll provide you with a quote for a solution that meets your current and anticipated need.

Set Up and Installation

We can setup your new server or workstation, so that you have all the software that you need and none of the programs that you don't want or need. New River Computing can professionally install your new machine on-site.

Budgeting for IT Costs

New River Computing can help you estimate costs for current needs as well as planning for replacement of workstations, servers, and printers.

Our ten years of experience in IT allows us to estimate costs of support, maintenance, and trouble-shooting accurately.