New River Computing Staff

Karen Loferski photo

Karen Loferski

Finance Manager and IT Consultant

Karen Loferski is an IT Consultant and Finance Manager for New River Computing. Her lifelong education about computers dates back to her first FORTRAN class in 1974 and continues through the present day. Karen joined New River Computing in September 2005 after a decade of working as a Financial Administrator. Prior to that, she was a full-time mother, and before that a chemist.

Karen's expertise is troubleshooting workstations and their software. She enjoys working with clients and helping them learn how to get the most from the programs that they use in their businesses. Karen also manages the day to day operations of New River Computing.

Karen graduated with a BS from Colorado State University in Forest Biology, and went on to get her MS in Tree Physiology from Oregon State University. She came to Blacksburg with her husband and worked in the Wood Chemistry laboratory and the Anaerobic Microbiology laboratory, then took a ten year hiatus from her career to raise her children. No matter where she has worked, Karen has always been that person in the company that everyone counted on to make their computers function, so she decided to make a career of it a few years ago and has never been happier.